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Requesting a knowledge search

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Your initial input and steer is essential for scoping the work. For this reason we ask you to fill in the   
Knowledge and technology transfer request form and we encourage you to provide to us with as much information as possible.

Further clarifications of your expectations and requirements may require a meeting or a call.

As the requestor, particularly if you have technical expertise and are involved in industry initiatives in the subject matter being considered, we also expect you to share any information or work you have done so far on the topic and play a role in the review stage.

How long will a search take?

Requests are prioritised depending on their urgency and importance. You will be given an indication of how soon we can start work on your request shortly after submitting it.

Once the delivery process starts, it can take anything from a few weeks to a few months to complete depending on:

  • Breadth of the subject area to be explored
  • Level of review and analysis required to meet the your specifications
  • Your availability to steer and review the work

Who delivers the services?

The knowledge and technology transfer services are delivered by a small team with expertise in gathering, structuring and analysing both qualitative and quantitative information.

Whilst, given the breadth of the topic areas that the knowledge and technology transfer requests cover, they are not delivered by specialists in the field, when appropriate and possible, experts will be consulted.

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