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RSSB templates and guidance for writing

RSSB only publishes information that is going to be of use to an identified audience. To assist in identifying the audience(s) for and purpose of the documents you produce the RSSB Communications team has produced a Publication Process Form. The Publication Process Form Explained does exactly that, explaining why every publication needs a full justification of the value it will add to the rail industry.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​If you are contracted to provide textual information to RSSB that will be published, you will need to deliver it in documents that are written in RSSB's Word templates. Whether as part of a research project or another stream of work, RSSB requires you to use these templates effectively.

RSSB is moving towards a point where it will need structured information, so that it can publish to multiple delivery formats, and reuse and repurpose content for the benefit of its audiences. Using these templates is the first step in the process of developing structured information.

The advantage for you is that your overall writing time should be significantly shorter. The advantage for RSSB is that less manual intervention is needed in its publication processes.

Guidance and templates

Each of the following short guides provides information about how to use the RSSB templates.

Making writing easier, delivering consistent quality describes why RSSB uses standardised templates; the rationale behind the template design; which templates to use for particular situations; and suggests an effective method for pasting existing content into an RSSB template. It also tells you how to create, and update, a table of contents using the RSSB templates (the creation process varies from that in a standard Word template).

Providing information for publication to RSSB sets out what RSSB expects from suppliers delivering information, in the form of reports and other documents. This includes document navigation, defining audience information needs, and writing for multiple audiences.

You can use the links below to download the latest RSSB templates.

RSSB style guidelines

​Publishing consistent content makes it more accessible to our audiences. Style guidelines support everybody who writes for RSSB audiences to create content with a consistent style and quality.

To make it as easy as possible to use we have divided our style guide into several sections. You can download the PDFs for each section using these links:

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