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Options for traction energy decarbonisation in rail

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Project Summary

This project sets out to obtain a greater understanding of the path towards decarbonising traction energy, and the associated economic and commercial case.

Project Abstract

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The Rail Technical Strategy seeks to assist the industry’s strategic planning process and comprises twelve Key Capabilities. Key Capability 5, ‘Optimum Energy Use’ focuses on new approaches to meeting the energy needs of the railway system, including alternatives to diesel, smart grid technologies and battery or dual power systems, among others. T1145 aims to look at technology options for decarbonising traction energy and to develop an economic model that will act as a decision support tool. The economic model will consider factors including technology evolution, trends in costs of electrification and other traction energy sources, and the associated challenges and risks. The scenarios and economic model will assist in the development of a high-level roadmap, which will detail an appropriate path and key milestones to facilitate the transition.

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