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Learning from operational experience

Statistics show that Britain’s railways are among the safest in the world. One of the ways RSSB helps the industry push for improvement is by monitoring the learning that comes from near misses and accidents, both here and across the globe. This is known more generically as Learning from Operational Experience (LOE).

Some of the LOE documents we produce may be found below.

Rail investigation summaries

These are a collation of some of the world’s railway formal inquiry reports. They include a brief incident synopsis, along with the main causes and recommendations from each investigation.

Readers may find some of the actions and recommendations useful to their own operations.

The summaries are co-ordinated by Greg Morse,Operational Feedback Specialist, RSSB.

Read the summaries.

Learning from incidents

Where available, key learning points from live investigations of worldwide rail incidents are available exclusively to RSSB members via Opsweb (login required). For some incidents and issues, summaries are made available to all.

Greg Morse has produced a short summary of issues emerging from the train derailment in DuPont, Washington, USA in December 2017.

Annual reports

The 2015/16 Learning from Operational Experience annual report captures some of the specific lessons that have arisen in the 2015/16 fiscal year.

Further information on last year's report.


Previous reports

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