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Measuring safety performance

Measuring safety performance

Jay Heavisides

Principal Risk Analyst

​​​​​​​​​​Measuring safety performance helps rail companies identify the safety performance indicators (SPIs) most appropriate to their operations and ensures their continued effectiveness. It is based on established good practice and research undertaken by the industry.

The guidance offers advice on:

The Measuring Safety Performance report front cover and link to the document
  • Establishing an SPI programme
  • Identifying SPIs
  • Evaluating SPIs
  • Using SPIs to support decisions
  • Reviewing SPIs

The document 'Measuring Safety Performance- how to develop and manage safety performance indicators for Britain's railways' is supported by a number of materials to make up a toolkit to help members get the most out of their own indicators. These are shown in the diagram below, which includes links to each of the items listed.​  

Please note these links all open in the SPARK​ website​, so please register with and SPARK ​for a richer experience.