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Risk analysis tools

​​​​​​​​Safety Risk Model - Risk Profile Tool

For more information on the Safety Risk Model - Risk Profile Tool  please see the Safety Risk Model page.

Taking Safe Decisions - analysis tool

Taking Safe Decisions - analysis tool supports the decision-making process in the RSSB guidance document entitled 'Taking Safe Decisions'.  You can request access to this on the Rail Risk Portal.

You can read more about Taking Safe Decisions on the Taking Safe Decisions page.

SPAD Risk Ranking Tool

All category 'A' Signals Passed at Danger (SPADs) are recorded in the GB Safety Management Information System (SMIS) and were historically assigned a severity ranking and a hazard ranking index based on what actually occurred as a result of the SPAD. However, the GB Railway Group Safety Plan for the period 2001/2002 adopted a 'risk-based' target for the reduction of the potential consequences of SPADs as the existing ranking methodologies did not adequately measure this potential risk to passengers and staff. For this reason a SPAD Risk Ranking Tool was developed in 2002.

This tool also available on the Rail Risk Portal.

Risk definitions dictionary​

The Risk definitions dictionary has been developed to provide users with definitions for terms used within the Rail Risk Portal and the tools available on it, such as the Safety Risk Model ​(SRM) and the
Annual Safety Performance Report (ASPR).

Users can search for definitions alphabetically or by Hazardous event type.

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