CIRAS not only captures health, safety, security and environmental concerns raised by individual workers, it also seeks a constructive response from the companies concerned.

Lessons learned are then shared with industry by means of various CIRAS publications, including The CIRAS newsletter in the CIRAS HUB.

Report a concern

Throughout this process CIRAS always ensures that the confidentiality of the individual raising the concern is protected. CIRAS is completely independent, entirely confidential, and helps make the industry even safer.


  • Is totally independent from any subscribing member
  • Covers transport organisations across the United Kingdom
  • Receives health, safety, security and environmental concerns from all employees
  • Ensures employee personal information is always kept confidential
  • Liaises with the subscribing organisations
  • Facilitates resolutions to issues raised
  • Provides personal feedback to the employee about their initial concern
  • Shares lessons learnt via our website and newsletters.