Platform/train interface

Strategies and reports

Strategies that address priority risk mitigation issues and reports that record the state of risk across the rail industry, for those at or near the platform edge, on an annual, monthly or period basis.

Tools, reporting and databases

Risk models

  • Precursor Indicator Model: Regularly updated accident precursor data in an Excel spreadsheet. You can filter results to suit your own needs. Standard reports are published every four weeks.

Other resources

Driving trains

Our work on driving trains includes tools and guidance for train drivers, driver managers and trainers, and designers of train cabs.

Train drivers

These are to help drivers be aware of factors that may affect performance when driving or preparing for duty.

  • Cognitive and Individual Factors Guidance: to raise awareness of factors that can influence the potential for driver error.
  • SJE Multi-Modal Interview and Written Communication Test training - three-day interactive course and follow-on workshop is to up-skill and certify railway assessment centre staff in the RSSB train driver selection methods (Situational Judgement Exercise, Multi-Modal Interview and the Written Communication Test).
  • 21st Century Professional Driver DVD: addresses shift work and fatigue, handling personal problems, and maintaining concentration; with briefing notes.

Trainers and driver managers

These are for driver managers and trainers. Information includes support for driver selection and designing training materials for drivers.

Public safety