• Leading Health and Safety on Britain’s Railway: looks at 12 priority risk areas, a framework for the collaborative improvement of health and safety risk management. This page also includes a quarterly monitoring report: a summary of implementation actions for the strategy's priority areas. [RM3 –OC2]
  • Data and Risk Strategy: for developing knowledge, skills, processes, information and tools for managing risks to safety, health and wellbeing on Britain’s railway.


  • Annual Health and Safety Report: a review of safety trends for passengers, workforce and the public. [RM3 – OC2, PI2, MRA1, MRA3]
  • Common Safety Indicator Reports: Submitted by RSSB to Europe, to assess the achievement of Common Safety Targets. [RM3 –PI2]
  • Learning from experience
    • National Reference Values: a measure of safety performance submitted to the ERA to compare against Common Safety Targets. [RM3 –PI2]
  • Network Rail Incident Log Summary: [RM3 –PI2]
  • Periodic Summary: two-page, high-level overview of safety trends; published each period. [RM3 – PI2, MRA1]
  • Rail Accident News: a monthly summary of rail accident news from around the world, focus is on learning. [RM3 –PI2]
  • Rail Investigation Summary: monthly summary of published rail accident investigations from across the globe. [RM3 – PI2, MRA1, MRA3]
  • Rail Safety Review: a monthly digest of articles to encourage consideration of safety management system arrangements. [RM3 – OC7, PI2, MRA1,MRA3]
  • Safety Performance Reports: monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly safety performance reports. [RM3 – PI2,MRA1]
  • Safety Performance Group Packs: quarterly reports specific to each subgroup of the System Safety Risk Group. [RM3 – PI2,MRA1]
  • Signals Passed at Danger Summary: monthly summary of SPADs and risk ranking.

Reporting tools and databases

Tools that you can use to input and retrieve incident data.

  • Close Call: to record and manage conditions and behaviours that, under different circumstances, could have led to injury or harm. [RM3 – PI2,MRA1]
  • National Incident Reporting online: system to record, analyse and share high-risk, safety-related defects to rail vehicles, systems and components.
  • Precursor Indicator Model: an estimate of train accident risk, updated monthly from SMIS data and risk models. [RM3 – PI1,MRA1]
  • Safety Management Intelligence System: for the collection, sharing and analysis of safety incident data.
  • Incident Factor Classification System
  • Recommendations Tracking record
    • SMIS Business Intelligence training
    • SMIS system input training
    • SMIS data requests: [RM3 –PI2]
    • SMIS dashboards and KPIs (self-service) [RM3 – PI2, MRA1l
    • SMIS Business Intelligence (self- service)
  • Rail Notices: disseminates Urgent Operating Advice, Workforce Safety Alerts and other operational information across the UK rail industry.

Risk models

Tools that you can use to assess the level of risk for a specific situation on the railway.

Safety Risk Model

  • The Safety Risk Model: access to a network-wide risk profile. Use the outputs to understand your own risk profile, make risk assessments and investment decisions. [RM3 – PI1]
    • Dangerous goods train risk and hazard ranking
    • Risk tools and models: business strategy and principles
    • Incident Factor Classification System
    • Safety Risk Model Profile Tool: [RM3 –PI1]
  • SPAD Risk Ranking Tool: used by Network Rail to risk rank SPADs. [RM3 –PI1]
    • SPAD Risk Ranking Methodology Handbook [RM3 – PI1]

Other resources

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