Strategies and reports

Reporting tools and databases

  • CIRAS: Confidential Incident Reporting and Analysis Service for employees of transport operators and infrastructure managers.

Other resources

  • RED programme: a series of briefing tools on a range of safety issues for the workforce. Some include dramatic reconstructions of incidents. [RM3 –OC7]
  • Right Track: a newspaper for front line rail industry workers with news and guidance on safety issues. Published three times a year. [RM3 –OC7]
  • Road Driving Resource Centre: in the ten years to 2018 there were as many workforce fatalities on the road as on the infrastructure. These resources support reduction of the road driving risk to your employees.
  • The Rule Book: a modular series of common operating procedures for anyone working on or about the railway, including drivers, guards, station staff, signallers and infrastructure workers. Available in print and in an app.

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