Counselling and support

Offered to people, often disadvantaged young people, who may be trespassing or at risk of future trespass, to support them within their local community.

An individual measure influencing attitudes that can lead to trespass with the intention of reducing the attractiveness of the railway for trespass.

Location - In the community.

By whom? - Through liaison with other specialist services.

Applicability / suitability for trespass types

Where a problem has been established at a location and individuals or groups in the community can be identified for support within the community.  This will require the engagement and participation of those involved in trespass.

Trespasser type = Children / young people; adults, drug users.

Trespass events = Anti-social behaviour, graffiti.

Observed behaviours = Damage to facilities, evidence of graffiti.

Potential Motivations = Self / artistic expression, boredom, moral judgement / reasoning, lack of self-control, low self esteem, peer pressure, anti-societal feelings, rebellion, territorial, poor mental health.


Low effectiveness

Limited evidence available on the likely effect of this intervention.  There are examples of use with people involved with graffiti, showing reductions in graffiti (e.g. 30% reduction) when used in combination with other interventions.

May take some time to develop the required connections and engagement with the people and groups involved, so any improvement in trespass may be delayed.

Any effect might be sustained over time but may require repeated support and engagement.  There might be some transfer of the effect to others connected with the people involved in the programme.  It is likely that there would be an on-going need to engage with new people who may be trespassing over time.

Factors influencing effectiveness

Connecting with the people involved.

Suitable alternatives to satisfy motivations.

How to apply or implement, including dependencies

Can work well with outreach programmes that break down barriers between individuals / groups in the local community and railway organisations (i.e. reducing the “them and us” culture).

Effective relationships need to be built with groups involved in the trespass. People need to be willing to engage in the programme.

May need to create alternative safer community spaces for young people to hang out and legal safer areas for graffitists.



Requires specialist support and potential to require repeated counselling sessions.

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