Insights from SMIS

Good health and safety management relies on good data and analysis.  We process the data from SMIS, and other reporting systems such as Close Call, to generate safety insights which support industry decision making and help provide the direction for risk management activities.  

Insight Sprints

RSSB are running a series of insight sprints to analyse key risk areas and support the delivery of Leading Health and Safety on Britain’s Railway (LHSBR).  The insight sprints combine knowledge and expertise from across the organisation and apply leading analytical tools and techniques in data science to provide valuable insights to industry.

Track Worker Safety

The first insight sprint focussed on Track Worker Safety and followed on from recent fatalities at Stoats Nest (November 2018) and Margam (July 2019).  This work is supporting Network Rail’s Track Worker Safety Task Force and Near Miss Reduction Programme.  Analysis has looked to understand the underlying causes of near misses and operational close calls and identifying patterns or correlations between incidents and other contextual factors associated with working on or near the line.  A case study will be made available June 2020.

Signals Passed at Danger

The second insight sprint focussed on understanding the recent rise in SPAD numbers and underlying risk. A case study will be made available in July 2020.

Safety impacts of Covid-19

The current insight sprint is looking at the safety impacts that Covid-19 has had on rail operations. Initially to understand the changes and then to identify if there are any lessons to be learnt for improving safety as we move back to ‘normal’ operations. If you have any suggestions for consideration or would like to be involved, please contact us.

Routine reporting and risk analysis

We produce a number of routine reports and undertake risk analysis for the industry, this includes:

These look to combine the data from SMIS with operational learning to provide a holistic view of safety on the railway.

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