Frequently Asked Questions Relating to SMIS

On this page we answer frequently asked questions that relate to SMIS

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How do I access SMIS/How do I get a SMIS login?

SMIS access is available to all companies that have a duty to enter data into SMIS.  In the first instance we recommend you contact your company SMIS users to explain your requirements for accessing SMIS.  Every user required an account which can be requested from our Industry Systems Service Desk.

What’s the difference between Coruson and Jaspersoft?

Coruson is the software used for entering data into SMIS and Jaspersoft is the software used for querying the data entered into SMIS and held in the data warehouse.

Why do I need access to both?

You may not need access to both, you might only need to input data or input the data that has been entered.

Can I transfer data from my company system directly into SMIS?

This is not currently possible but it is a goal we are aiming for. We are working with Ideagen, the software supplier, to enable wider use of the Control Centre Incident Log (CCIL) to initiate SMIS events. In the longer term we will work on solutions to populate SMIS from other data sources, such as company SMS software and other industry systems. Our current work to simplify input forms is an enabler for this. We want to remove or reduce the need for duplicate reporting and to get new insights by combining information from different sources.



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