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Rule Book App – updates on development

​We are developing a new 'app', enabling rail staff to easily access the Rule Book via smartphones or tablets.

App available on iOS and Android

The app is now available for RSSB members to try out, on either iOS (Apple) or Android-run devices.

Guards at South West Trains (SWT) have been trying out the app on iOS (Apple) devices. Feedback has been very positive and informed further refinement to the app.

Following the trial, a live version of the app is due to be released to SWT very soon.

Further development in 2017

In September 2017 the app was updated with new functionality following user feedback. Further app updates will be pushed to devices periodically to fix snagging issues. If you notice any functionality issues with the app, email supportdrb@RSSB.CO.UK informing them of the issue including what device you are using and where in the app you encountered it. If you have any suggestions for future functionality please inform the enquiry desk on and the team will review.


We are no longer developing the app for Windows-run devices.  Android and iOS account for over 90% of tablets, and 99% of smartphones, and demand for the app on the Windows platform among Rule Book users is very low, and likely to decline even further.

An app for everyone

Until the end of March 2018, the app is exclusively available to RSSB members, free of charge.

From April 2018, the app will be available to members and non-members for a fee, which will pay for the maintenance of the product to ensure onward compatibility and evolution of the product over the coming years. If your organisation would like to adopt the app contact

Once your organisation adopts the app it is downloadable from the usual on-line stores (Google Play, iTunes App Store). However, before a user can access the content of the app they will need to register, which will be associated with an annual subscription fee. It is envisaged that in the majority of cases subscription fees will have been pre-paid by employers, but provision is being made for individual users to subscribe.

Printed copies of the Rule Book will still be available to buy once the app goes live, although we will be monitoring demand for hard copies to check they are still something industry wants to use long term.

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