Step 1 – Get in touch with us

We can talk you through the options, and agree with you the best way for your organisation to adopt the app for staff. The key is to guide you through the process and put you in control of how you make the app available. In some cases it may be appropriate to set up a limited number of users as a trial so you can see if the app works for you and your teams. Contact Rachel Leech.

Step 2 – How many users?

Decide how many users you want to have access to the app. You can always change this later and buy additional licences if you find there are more that need the app than originally anticipated.

NB: Please note that the minimum order of licenses per annum is 10 to cover the RSSB administration costs.

Step 3 – How will they use the app?

Think about how your users will access the app. Do you provide your employees with company—issued mobile devices or laptops? Do you envisage users accessing the app from their own personal phones or tablets? Do they use Android or iOS?

It’s worth noting that users can access their app profile from more than one device, so for example if you provide company-issue Apple iPhones, an employee could set up the app on their work phone, but also access it via their own personal Android device if they chose to.

It’s also good to consider what your overall strategy is for using digital in your internal communications, briefing, and rail operations generally. Introducing the Rule Book App could provide a bigger opportunity for you to take advantage of technology more broadly. You may also want to consider a risk assessment (see resource available below).

Step 4 – Who will be your local administrator?

Think about who you want to monitor who has the app and how they’re using it, including oversee who has accepted updates, acknowledging receipt of amendments. You may only need one person acting as the local admin, or you may want several admins depending on how your company is structured and how many users you’ll have.

Step 5 – How will you make the app available?

Decide how you’re going to get the app to users. For example, if you use centralised software to "push" apps on to your staff's devices – the Rule Book app can be pushed in the same way. Alternatively, you could direct staff to download the app themselves from the relevant app stores.

Step 6 – How do you want to approve new users?

Decide how you want users to be approved. You can either:

  • Register your company’s email domain (for example and then users who register with that domain will be automatically approved up to the number of user licences you’ve purchased (this means your staff will need to be able to access and user their work email to set up the app) OR
  • Allow users to register for the app using their own personal email address and for your local administrator to accept or decline requests on case-by-case basis

Step 7 - When do you want to launch the app?

Decide when you want to make the app available to your staff. Working back from that date consider how you’re going to prepare your staff to let them know it’s coming and enable them to use the app. A range of email templates and posters are available in the resources section below.

Step 8 – Payment and signing terms and conditions

Arranging payment is easy. It takes one simple transaction to cover payment for all your staff who will be using the app.

As soon as you know your go-live date, we will invoice you for the number of user licences you’ve requested. Make payment and sign the terms and conditions of the licence agreement, and then the licences will be released so your staff can access the app.

Members get a substantial discount on the app:

  • Members: £4.99 a year, per licensed user
  • Non-members: £9.99 a year, per licensed user

You’re now set up!

And it’s as easy as that.

Development work has shown the app is extremely reliable and resilient, but if problems arise, technical support is available.

And RSSB is on hand to manage any account queries, assist in changing the number of licenses you hold or any other general request.

Are you already using the Rule book App? What so you think? Give us feedback via our short on-line questionnaire so we know what's working well and what needs to be improved.

If you’re encountering problems registering the Rule Book App or logging in, please submit your enquiry via the Customer Self-Service Portal