Rail Wellbeing Alliance

    The Rail Wellbeing Alliance is a group established by RSSB in partnership with the industry to inspire healthy lives across the railway. We promote collaboration and provide strategic development and monitoring in health and wellbeing as part of Leading Health and Safety on Britain’s Railway.


    The Rail Wellbeing Alliance (RWA) and its subgroups coordinate a variety of health activities across the industry, so that legal requirements, cost benefits, and better health provision within organisations can be universally achieved. This includes concerns identified in Leading Health and Safety on Britain's Railway (LHSBR) strategy. In particular these relate to mental wellbeing, musculoskeletal disorders, fatigue, assessment and management of occupational health hazards, occupational health provision, reporting and monitoring of workforce health and wellbeing, as well as health promotion and ill health prevention.

    The Rail Wellbeing Alliance:

    • Provides a forum to support the industry to share good practice and bring together operational and subject matter insights.
    • Facilitates the collection, analysis and utilisation of industry data to develop and monitor a strategic risk profile. We will model and champion the implementation of data activities.
    • Develops marketing and communication channels to encourage use of products and drive cultural changes.
    • Provides governance and support to health and wellbeing subgroups.
    • Develops the industry’s understanding of the links between health and business performance.
    • Supports the implementation of LHSBR by promoting and modelling the introduction of sustainable health and wellbeing initiatives within companies and their supply chains.
    • Develops new ideas, pilot studies, and pre-product activities, as well as commissioning research across the health and wellbeing themes.
    • Secures resource for the development of health and wellbeing initiatives.
    • Identifies relevant best practice from other industries and collaborates with parties who have a mutual interest in health and wellbeing.

    The RWA reports directly to the LHSBR Executive Advisory Group (LEAG) and typically meets every six weeks. The group produces a summary of the ‘Top 5 Key Messages’ every quarter, which highlights the key work that has been delivered or is underway. This can be downloaded from the resources section of this page.

    If you have any questions or wish to contact the group, please email: Health&

    Message from the chair

    The Rail Wellbeing Alliance wants people to not only go home safe, but go home healthier after a day’s work. We spend a third of our time at work. The quality of our social interactions, working environment, and the design of our work, all have a significant impact on our health and wellbeing. The Rail Wellbeing Alliance is committed to improving how the quarter of a million rail staff experience their work.


    To address the strategic challenges for health and wellbeing and fatigue, RWA has industry director level who oversee the delivery and realisation of the benefits. The group also has chairs for these areas and the relevant subgroups. 

    • Industry Sponsors (x7)
    • Chair
    • Deputy Chair
    • Workstream Chairs (x7)
    • RSSB Principal Strategy Implementation Manager

    The RWA includes the ORR as observers. We have representation from across the industry including trade unions, infrastructure, supply chain, freight and train operations. 

    Chair of committee: John Halsall , Network Rail - Southern Region
    RSSB main representative: Michelle O'Sullivan , Rail Safety and Standards Board Ltd
    Other Members
    Other members
    Bridget Juniper
    Work and Well-Being Ltd
    Other Chair
    John Halsall
    Network Rail - Southern Region
    Infrastructure Manager
    Christine Kinloch
    Rail Safety and Standards Board Ltd
    David Statham
    London & Southeastern Railway Ltd
    Train Operating Company
    Lizi Stewart
    Atkins Limited
    Simon Ellison
    Costain Limited
    Jenny Wilson
    Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
    Infrastructure Manager
    Howard Kaye
    Aslef Trustee Company Limited
    Trade Union
    Paul Verghese
    Freightliner Limited
    Non Passenger Train Operator
    Ann Mills
    Rail Safety and Standards Board Ltd
    Neil Boyd
    Transport For London (TFL)
    Infrastructure Manager
    Laura Sutton
    Office of Rail and Road
    Office of Rail and Road
    Patrick Verwer
    Govia Thameslink Railway
    Train Operating Company
    Martin Frobisher
    Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
    Infrastructure Manager
    David Horne
    London North Eastern Railway
    Train Operating Company
    Nadine Rae
    Trade Union
    Nicola Uijen
    Network Rail - North West & Central Region
    Infrastructure Contractor
    Richard Peters
    Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
    Infrastructure Manager
    Rob Miguel
    Unite the Union
    Trade Union
    Stuart Webster-Spriggs
    Volkerrail Limited
    Infrastructure Contractor
    Mick Rayner
    Balfour Beatty Rail Limited
    Michelle O'Sullivan
    Rail Safety and Standards Board Ltd
    Samantha Phillips
    Transport For London (TFL)
    Train Operating Company
    Leyton Powell
    Transport for Wales
    Infrastructure Manager
    Annette Edgington
    Rail Operations (UK) Ltd
    Non Passenger Train Operator
    Do you need to get in touch with this group?
    Contact our Assistant Strategy Implementation Manager for questions about the next meeting or about vacancies within this group.
    christine kinloch
    Christine Kinloch
    Tel: 020 3142 5571
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