Fatigue Coordination Group

    The Fatigue Coordination Group is a specialist risk subgroup that supports the industry in devising and sharing world class approaches to managing fatigue. It aims to improve employee health and wellbeing and make fatigue-related incidents a thing of the past. It supports the Rail Wellbeing Alliance in coordinating and monitoring the rail industry’s progress on fatigue risk management.


    The purpose of the Fatigue Coordination Group is to:

    • spearhead the fatigue and alertness agenda for the industry and its workforce
    • demonstrate the progress of the industry towards leading edge fatigue management
    • ensure the best use of rail industry resources and expertise without duplication of effort
    • drive the uptake of best practices across the railway so that they add real value.

    Our role is advisory and informative. We create a platform for cross-industry collaboration and exchange of information to address the strategic challenges highlighted in LHSBR.

    For further information on fatigue and alertness, visit the topic hub.

    Message from the chair

    Fatigue is known to be a factor in about one in five high risk incidents in the rail industry. We believe that this is only the tip of the iceberg. We also know that long term exposure to fatigue can be associated with health issues.

    The nature of our tasks, patterns of work, rest and sleep, health, wellbeing and lives outside of work all interact to determine our alertness and levels of fatigue. 

    The Fatigue Coordination Group is committed to working across all sectors of the rail industry to create a cultural shift and make fatigue risk a thing of the past.


      The Fatigue Coordination Group has members representing these industry stakeholders:
      Chair of committee: Stuart Webster-Spriggs , Volkerrail Limited
      RSSB main representative: Paul Leach , RSSB
      Other Members
      Other members
      Ros Osawe
      Phil Uzzell
      Govia Thameslink Railway
      Jackie Townsend
      Other Chair
      Julian Hendon
      Network Rail - Eastern Region
      Infrastructure Manager
      Martin Frobisher
      Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
      Infrastructure Manager
      Stuart Webster-Spriggs
      Volkerrail Limited
      Michael Jackson
      Deutsche Bahn
      Freight Company
      Paul Leach
      Do you need to get in touch with this group?
      Contact our Assistant Strategy Implementation Manager for questions about the next meeting or about vacancies within this group.
      Ros Osawe 2
      Ros Osawe
      Tel: 0203 142 5425
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