Rolling Stock Standards Committee


    The scope of activities for the Rolling Stock Standards Committee (RST SC) is defined in its remit. This includes aspects of vehicle design, construction, and maintenance associated with:

    • Structures
    • Wheels and axles
    • Brakes
    • Draw gear and couplings
    • Fire resistance
    • Derailment risk
    • Gauge
    • Cab design
    • Interior environment (air quality, lighting, noise, and vibration)
    • Visibility and audibility
    • Train safety systems
    • Doors and windows
    • EMC issues
    • Data recorders

    The committee’s coverage includes consideration of the interfaces between items within its coverage and those within the coverage of other standards committees (for example, the interfaces between railway vehicles and track and structures, traction supply and signalling systems). The committee also gives consideration to requirements relating to activities dealt with in general, multi-functional documents in so far as they affect items within the committee’s coverage. The technical scope of the committee is aligned with the scope of the rolling stock sub-system, as defined for the purposes of interoperability and set out in Directive 2008/57/EC.

    Message from the chair

    RST SC considers the interfaces between Rolling Stock and the structural systems of the Railway (signalling, infrastructure, operations and users). We oversee the development and maintenance of standards, guidance notes and other documents which train operators, infrastructure managers, and train manufactures use in developing rolling stock designs, operating and maintaining rail vehicles, and informing their safety management systems, associated processes and procedures.  We work collaboratively with others to constantly review and deliver the improvements that are necessary to provide a better, safer railway.


    The Rolling Stock Standards Committee has members representing these industry stakeholders:

    • passenger train operators
    • rolling stock owners and leasing companies
    • freight and other non-passenger train operators
    • infrastructure managers and owners
    • infrastructure contractors
    • suppliers and rolling stock manufacturers
    • RSSB
    • Department for Transport (observer)
    • Office of Rail and Road (observer).
    Chair of committee: Mark Oakley , Rail Safety and Standards Board Ltd
    RSSB main representative: Paul Ferraby , Rail Safety and Standards Board Ltd
    Other Members
    Other members
    Mark Oakley
    Rail Safety and Standards Board Ltd
    Funmi Jeje
    Rail Safety and Standards Board Ltd
    Peter Theobald
    Rail Delivery Group
    Passenger Train Operating Company
    Tim Sterry
    High Speed Two (HS2) Limited
    James Ambrose
    Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
    Infrastructure Manager
    Paul Carter
    Bombardier Transportation UK Limited
    Peter Hubbard
    Trenitalia C2C Limited
    Passenger Train Operating Company
    Richard Moore
    Wabtec Rail Limited
    Mick James
    Plasser UK Ltd
    Infrastructure Contractor
    Neil Halliday
    Rail Safety and Standards Board Ltd
    Nigel Day
    VTG Rail UK Ltd
    Rolling Stock Owner
    Paul Harborough
    SNC-Lavalin Rail & Transit Limited
    Stewart Cameron
    Alstom Transport UK Ltd
    Paul Simmons
    CAF Rolling Stock UK Ltd
    Mick Bishop
    Porterbrook Leasing Company Limited
    Rolling Stock Owner
    Giles Turner
    Office of Rail and Road
    Office of Rail and Road
    Huw Parry-Jones
    Hitachi Rail Limited
    Paul Ferraby
    Rail Safety and Standards Board Ltd
    Andy Martlew
    Direct Rail Services Limited
    Non Passenger Train Operator
    David Hickson
    Govia Thameslink Railway
    Passenger Train Operating Company
    Tim Gabb
    Non Passenger Train Operator
    Paul Long
    Loram UK Ltd
    Giles Pettit
    Infrastructure Contractor
    Franco Cataldo
    Bombardier Transportation UK Limited
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    Funmi Jeje
    Tel: 0203 142 5624
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