Cross-Industry Remote Condition Monitoring Group

    The purpose of this sub group is to provide a strategic lead on cross-industry Remote Condition Monitoring matters. Key to this role is to identify the blockers to the realisation of the whole system reliability game-changer identified in the consultation for Rail Technical Strategy 2 in this area and propose strategic solutions. Annex A outlines the key four blockers.


    The sub group was given a remit from SIC Chairs to "Develop the principles of what the industry wants to achieve (information requirements etc.) in each of the 4 quadrants of the Intelligent Infrastructure Strategy where there is a cross industry aspect". This has culminated in the development of eight key principles and an associated activity list for Cross Industry Remote Condition

    Monitoring. These Eight Principles are:

    • Principles are applied to Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM) activities in any of the four quadrants where there is x-industry impact
    • Business cases shall include all x-industry elements including evaluation of benefits and costs
    • An end to end x-industry RCM operating model (including processes and contracts) is clearly described and agreed (defined shape
    • Solutions shall conform to x-industry RCM Reference Architecture
    • Network wide enablers (e.g. processes, technology, standards) are justified separately from solution projects but aligned with their plans (funding/delivery)
    • X-industry RCM standards shall be applied to technical solutions and business processes
    • Application of these x-industry RCM Principles has governance that is industry recognised
    • Business as Usual (BAU) procurement activities should consider application of x-industry RCM principles.

    Message from the chair

    XI RCM SG has links to both WSIC and DISIC. We help the rail industry to put in place appropriate remote condition monitoring systems to meet its strategic objectives. We provide advice on the impact this can have on organisations’ business, technical, commercial, innovation and guidance.


      A representative from each of the following organisations/ sectors:

      • passenger train operators
      • rolling stock owners and leasing companies
      • freight and other non-passenger train operators
      • academia
      • Rail Delivery Group
      • Rail Industry Association
      • infrastructure managers and owners
      • suppliers and rolling stock manufacturers
      • RSSB
      • Department for Transport (observer).
      Chair of committee: Amanda Hall , Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
      RSSB main representative: Darren Fitzgerald , RSSB
      Other Members
      Other members
      David Sexton
      Rail For London (Infrastructure) Limited
      Passenger Train Operating Company
      Michael Jacks
      First Trenitalia West Coast Rail Ltd
      Passenger Train Operating Company
      Simon Cressey
      DB Cargo (UK) Limited
      Non Passenger Train Operator
      Rob Anderson
      Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
      Infrastructure Manager
      Darren Fitzgerald
      Adam Bevan
      University of Huddersfield
      Peter Williams
      First Trenitalia West Coast Rail Ltd
      Passenger Train Operating Company
      Robert Staunton
      Roisin Mulvany
      Nadeem Karbhari
      MTR Corporation (Crossrail) Limited
      Passenger Train Operating Company
      Amanda Hall
      Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
      Infrastructure Manager
      Kevin Hope
      Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
      Infrastructure Manager
      Do you need to get in touch with this group?
      Contact our Industry Groups Manager for questions about the next meeting or about vacancies within this group.
      Roisin Mulvaney 2
      Roisin Mulvany
      Tel: 020 3142 5579
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