Back to school launch for rail safety campaign

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The rail industry is putting out a fresh warning to school pupils and their parents to not take rail safety for granted. 


With the new school term, the rail industry is asking passengers to Respect the Edge by:  

  • Keeping away from the edge of the train platform, regardless of whether there is a train arriving or not 
  • Standing behind the yellow line and paying attention to platform markings and station announcements 
  • Not rushing to board a train when the door alarm is sounding – this means the doors are closing; once they are closed they do not reopen and you could become trapped. 

The industry is highlighting the risks surrounding train travel, particularly to children, those who are travelling with small children and to those unfamiliar with catching the train. 

Over 1.73 billion passenger journeys are made every year and train travel remains one of the safest modes of transport in the UK, however harm can still occur as passengers board and alight trains. The potential for slips, trips and getting caught in the doors is a small risk, but one that the industry wants to manage by raising awareness. The number of passenger incidents at the platform edge increased by 7% in 2017/18, compared with the previous year and this is a trend that industry doesn’t want to see continuing. 

Following a high-profile news story this summer where a child was seen hanging over the edge of a train platform in Trowbridge, the industry is highlighting the risks posed to children and families travelling around the rail network. 

Tom Lee, Director of Standards at RSSB, said: 'The rail industry takes passenger safety extremely seriously and we want to ensure that those travelling across the rail network don't put themselves at unnecessary risk. The Respect the Edge campaign has been designed to remind passengers to take care when boarding and alighting trains and look out for children who may be unfamiliar with travelling during the new school term.' 

More information: 

  • All images and videos relating to the campaign are available to download from the RSSB website 
  • Join the conversation on Twitter using #RespectTheEdge 
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