RSSB launches Wellbeing Champion Toolbox

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RSSB has launched a Wellbeing Champion Toolbox to help rail companies support the health and wellbeing of their employees.

The toolbox provides guidance on establishing a wellbeing champion project with tips and templates explaining how to set up a support network by recruiting wellbeing champions from within the business.

Wellbeing champions act as ‘go to’ individuals who can respond well to those in need of advice or support. They can provide general wellbeing support, facilitate implementation of the company’s health and wellbeing strategy, and signpost other wellbeing support available. Wellbeing champions can provide a formalised additional support structure within the business, demonstrating to both employees and partner agencies, a company’s commitment to mental and physical wellbeing.

For suppliers, mental health is an increasingly popular tender question with major clients, reflecting the fact that many of them have signed the Time to Change pledge and have developed an action plan with actions on what they will expect from their suppliers. Poor lifestyle habits such as inadequate nutrition, lack of physical activity and sleep difficulties have a significant impact on health and wellbeing in the workplace.

The Wellbeing Champion Toolbox has been developed collaboratively between RSSB and the industry Mental Wellbeing Subgroup, incorporating some of the same tools industry leaders found helpful within their own organisations.

Download the toolbox

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