Updates and improvements to R2

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As R2 was updated to accommodate the RDG Component Tracker, testing helped to identify  a number of possible improvements.

These improvements have now been implemented and include:

  • easier retrieval of component related information, particularly where a component’s serial number has changed
  • updated validation to improve accuracy of information recorded 
  • the ability to assign a job to multiple components in a single transaction, making it easier to manage component level special checks/modifications.

Five updates were agreed at the R2 Enhancements Working Group, four of which will be included in this release. The Maintenance Planning area in particular has some significant updates in this release. This will make it easier to review upcoming exams and provide increased flexibility when setting up exam regimes. Furthermore, new options will be introduced focusing on how R2 interacts with Genius / Integrale. These include:

  • Setting up an exam schedule and using a maintenance regime with nested balanced activities – there is now an option to have the parent activity reset the child activity
  • Upcoming maintenance – there is now an option to group results by Unit/Set rather than a separate row for each Vehicle in a Unit/Set
  • GDPR Regulations – where the names of those who have created/updated items in R2 are displayed, then the name of an individual making the change will only be displayed if they are from the same organisation Otherwise, the name of the organisation will be displayed on behalf of the person who made the change
  • Selecting the number of rows displayed in grids – the choice is now stored removing the need to change this every time

The fifth enhancement has already been deployed. This will allow organisations to select whether the predicted, isolated or earliest value of upcoming exams is passed to Genius / Integrale.

This update also includes a number of other fixes, full details of which can be found in the Release Notes section in the R2 area of the RSSB Extranet.

The next planned update currently undergoing testing has been developed to help with the management of defects. On releasing a vehicle, if there are any open defects with a specific Action Code / Priority, a notification will display that those defects are still open. This can be used to reduce the chance of vehicles with high priority defects being released into service.  In particular this is relevant in cases such as management of Service Quality related defects which can result in fines being imposed on operators.

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