In our most recent episode we look at what the Horizon Scanning programme has been doing, and continues to do, to help keep people safe on the railway through the Covid-19 pandemic and the transition period that the vaccination programe will create.

The newest episode is now available in our new podcast stream, RSSB at the Front Line. This episode, with Deborah Archibald, a clinical nutritionist and one of RSSB's wellbeing specialists, is an introduction to the Wellbeing Wheel, a tool within the Healthy Cultures topic that RSSB is leading with the Rail Wellbeing Alliance. This is the first in a series on the different parts of the Wellbeing Wheel, with hints and tips about how we can all make small changes to our lifestyle to enjoy a healthier future.

With many of our specialists and experts away around Easter, our next episode will probably be published on Thursday 29 April.

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