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Sharing insights from RSSB and the rail industry, in plain language.

RSSB podcasts will cover a range of topics to keep you informed about things that will lead us all toward a better, safer railway.  That may be the impact of the change to a standard, a new way to do a task more effectively, or an emerging technology from our Horizon Scanning team that could transform how something is built or operated.

In the latest episode, Dougie Hill and Geoff Spencer talk about how the freight sector has collaborated to reduce some of the risk identified in
Leading Health and Safety on Britain's Railway.

The September episode will be published on Thursday 24th. Sara Sherrard talks about her mother's fatal accident in November 2018. The way the incident was handled, after she fell down a station staircase, highlighted so many failings in customer care, that she started to campaign for improvements. Joining Sara, will be Tom Moran, the new MD of Thameslink and Great Northern.  Appointed well after the incident, he talks about his response to those failings and how he is now working with Sara to improve customer care across his routes. Improvements that they both hope will act as an example across the rail network.

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Podcast image - confidential reporting: reducing railway risk

Leading Health and Safety on Britain's Railway: collaborating to reduce railway risk

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Confidential reporting: reducing railway risk

Signals passed at danger: reducing railway risk

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Covid-19, Lockdown and your Mental Wellbeing

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