Could you be a Samaritans Christmas Star?

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In this episode I talk with Aimée Maguet, Samaritans Regional Development Lead on the Eastern route for the Network Rail partnership, and with Bessie Matthews, a trainee Shunt Driver at Freightliner. Bessie talks about what she has done for the last two years to support Samaritans, including taking part in the Samaritans 'Samarathon'. She also tells us why she does it—and encourages others to do whatever they can to be a Samaritans Christmas Star.

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Topics in this episode include:

  • Aimée introduces herself and her role with Samaritans and the railway, and what she loves about her job.  [01:14]
  • Aimée talks about the Samaritans Christmas Star campaign, how the rail industry is participating, how you could nominate someone who has made a difference, and how you could also be a Samaritans Christmas Star.  [02:13]
  • Bessie talks about her participation in the Samaritans 'Samarathon' 2020. About the support she got from others, and how this inspired her plans for the 2021 Samarathon.  [03:36]Bessie talks about why she chose to support Samaritans, about things others have done and could do—and what she wants to do in the future for Samaritans.  [07:53]
  • Aimée talks about what Samaritans volunteers do over the festive season. She also gives some figures on why people call on Samaritans, and the number of people that will call Samaritans for support. [10:46]
  • Contact information and close. [12:00]

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