Healthy Cultures - An Introduction

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This podcast looks at how we can create a culture for health for everyone in the rail industry. 

In this first in a series, Deborah Archibald, a clinical nutritionist and wellbeing specialist at RSSB, talks about the importance of behaviour change to develop a lifestyle that supports your health and wellbeing.

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Topics in this episode include:

  • Deborah introduces herself and describes how she came to her role in the railway and how she is able to put her previous experience to good use.  [1:07]
  • Deborah describes what healthy cultures mean in terms of wellbeing, within the rail industry.  About how we need to embed a health and wellbeing culture in the same way that we have for safety. [2:01]
  • Deborah talks about what wellbeing means, how it is not just a state of body, but also a way to live. [3:01]
  • Deborah discusses the overall principles of wellbeing, of lifestyle medicine. About how we need an integrated approach that covers both mind and body. [3:55]
  • Deborah talks about the things that we can do to to support our own health and wellbeing; about how lifestyle changes may stop us from becoming ill. [5:33]
  • Deborah discusses the five levers of the Wellbeing Wheel that people can use to check what they can do the support their own wellbeing.  The five levers: nutrition, movement, relaxation, sleep, and energy. [7:35]
  • Deborah talks about things that get in the way of us implementing changes in lifestyle.  And the need to just start somewhere. [12:16]
  • Deborah talks about knowing the personal 'why' that will motivate us to get started on the path to change. Also the need to think about the things that stop us from getting started. [13:20]
  • Deborah talks about the resources that RSSB has published to use around starting the journey towards healthy behaviours and better health.  [14:56]
  • Close. [15:52]

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