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Health and safety are cornerstones of the railway’s success. But can we maintain good levels of safety with the added pressure of the Covid-19 pandemic?


As a risk expert, my job is to help organisations accurately measure and monitor the risks they’re facing, so they can understand and manage them better.

Risk assessment is a well-known, tried-and-tested technique that many safety practitioners use regularly. However, the Covid-19 pandemic presents new challenges to our health. It also creates extra pressure that affects the way we manage all kinds of risk.

Put bluntly, industry needs to be able to restore a wider range of activities while still managing the impact of the pandemic.

Duty holders will be busy developing fresh risk assessments to reflect this new normal.

Network Rail and train operators have told us that they would welcome the option of tapping into our expertise to review their approaches. And we are more than happy to help.

With our new Risk Assessment Support Service we can help review local risk assessments, provide expert advice, attend risk assessment workshops to share good practice and benchmark your work with good practice seen in Britain and overseas.

We also provide an established range of guidance in things like Taking Safe Decisions to provide a clear structure for robust safety decision making. We can help organisations get to grips with their data and understand recent changes observed in data patterns.

Here at RSSB, my fellow experts and I are ready to help you. Please do get in touch.


Further information

To access the Risk Assessment Support Service, contact us via the Customer Service Portal and select the “Covid-19 Support” case category.



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