Station Plans for Accidents: Improving Customer Care

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In this podcast Sara Sherrard and Tom Moran talks about failings in customer care and the improvements implemented after Sara's mother suffered a fatal accident at Mill Hill Station.

Sara Sherrard is the eldest daughter of Priscilla Tropp, who died following a fall down a station staircase; and Tom Moran is now the MD at Thameslink and Great Northern Railways. Sara describes her experience as she learned the details of her mother's accident, treatment and what happened around the Coroner's Inquest. Tom talks about his meeting with Sara, her concerns about the serious failings in process and communication, and the improvements that, between them, they have achieved since then.

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Topics in this episode include:

  • Tom Moran introduces himself [01:15]
  • Sara Sherrard introduces herself and talks about her mother and her accident at Mill Hill Broadway Station [02:30]
  • Sara talks about what happened after the accident, including the collection of evidence [05:18]
  • Sara talks about what happened after her mother's inquest opened, including the inaccessibility of information for elderly and disabled passengers [06:46]
  • Sara describes her feelings as she went to the reopened inquest, about the Coroner's findings and recommendations, and the subsequent inaction [09:57]
  • Sara learns about GTR's response to the Coroner's Regulation 28 report—and about her frustrating visit to Mill Hill to see PAPI in action [12:50]
  • Tom Moran recalls how he found out about Sara's situation and his first meeting with her. He talks about PAPI and the task of implementing it. [15:26]
  • Tom continues by talking about what his safety team has done to implement PAPI, including his ongoing work with Sara. [18:20]
  • Sara describes her ongoing work with the railway and her hopes for future changes and improvements [21:30]

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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GTR - Caring for our Customers - Staff Aide-Mémoire
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