Trespass kills: its impact on a better, safer railway

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This podcast looks at the cost of trespass on the railway, in terms of operational delays, financial costs, the additional risk it can cause, and in human terms—of life-changing injuries, lives lost, and other lives affected.

In this first of two podcasts about trespass, I talk with with Oliver Bratton, Director Network Strategy and Operations, and Louise McNally, Trespass Prevention Lead, at Network Rail; and Inspector Becky Warren, of the British Transport Police, about the human, safety and operational impacts that trespass can have on the railway.

The second episode will look at the practical side of reducing and preventing trespass incidents.

Listen to the podcast.

Topics in this episode include:

  • Inspector Becky Warren, introductory biography [0:46]
  • Louise McNally, introductory biography [1:30]
  • Oliver Bratton, introductory biography [1:58]
  • Oliver talks about why trespass happens… [2:52]
  • …and some of the human impacts of trespass [4:16]
  • Becky Warren talks about what BTP does when trespassers are seen on the railway [5:18]
  • Becky recounts the trauma of having to deal personally with the aftermath of a trespass fatality [7:53]
  • Oliver talks about what Network Rail does when trespassers are seen on the railway… [13:40]
  • …the possible impacts of trespass delays [10:00]
  • …December 2020 Rule Book changes about advice for drivers when trespassers are seen on the railway. [11:20]
  • Oliver describes some recent incidents of trespass disruption… [12:25]
  • …and a signage programme to make it clearer where trespass begins. [14:02]
  • Louise McNally talks about recent industry actions to reduce trespass and the long-term strategy [14:45]
  • Louise talks about some details of the Trespass Improvement Programme [16:45]
  • Louise talks about the guidance on trespass risk assessment…[18:20]
  • …and the RSSB research work that has supported the Trespass Improvement Programme and risk assessment work [19:37]
  • Close [20:45]

Resources mentioned in this episode include:

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