Transport for London becomes RSSB affiliate

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Transport for London (TfL) has joined rail industry body RSSB’s affiliate programme.

The move formalises a collaboration on safety and sustainability between Britain’s independent rail body and one of the biggest integrated transport authorities in the world.

It builds on years of successful cooperation between the two organisations and will enable TfL to get access to a wide range of RSSB’s resources and services. 

As part of the affiliate programme, TfL will have access to RSSB’s wealth of industry developed guidance and tools related to safety, health and wellbeing, customer satisfaction and performance. In addition, it will help ensure reliable and safe services continue to be maintained. The transport body will also continue to share its knowledge and expertise with members and affiliates. 

The move is timely following the publication of the Williams-Shapps White Paper, which pointed to key aspects of the TfL model as an example of the way Britain’s mainline railways could be improved.

TfL’s Chief Health, Safety and Environment Officer, Lilli Matson said:

We are delighted to join RSSB as an affiliate. TfL is no stranger to RSSB and we have worked closely together sharing our expertise for many years. Formally recognising our collaboration through the affiliate programme is a positive step that will further build on our drive to share knowledge and best practice in safety, health and environment as we help London get back on its feet after the pandemic.

RSSB’s Director of Business Development and Engagement, Paul McLaughlin said:

We are thrilled to have TfL on board and provide formal recognition to the critical link between London’s Tube, bus, river, rail and roads, and Britain’s wider rail network. We look forward to continuing to work together as the rail reform agenda picks up pace following the publication of the Williams-Shapps White Paper.

About RSSB’s affiliation programme

Affiliation offers companies the ability to become part of the RSSB family where they do not meet the criteria for full membership. Affiliates can then benefit from access to additional research and development findings, toolkits, good practice and guidance on a broad range of subjects. The option is ideal for those who cover rail among a wider range of transport modes or interests, or for those who are based outside Great Britain.