In our most recent episodes we start to look at what RSSB and the wider industry are doing to reduce the risk to the workforce, passengers and public from 'occupational road risk' - driving for work. In episode 19 Tavid Dobson of RSSB and Anne-Marie Penny of Highways England talk about their collaboration. An effort that has helped developed the Driving for Better Business programme and a set of tools that the rail industry can bring us closer to everybody home safe every day'.

In episode 20, Steve Enright, Chair of the Road Rsik Group, talks about the new Occupational Road Risk Managment Charter. He explains why he'd like the leader of every organisation in the rail industry, including those in the supply chain, to sign up to the Charter.

Episode 2 in our new podcast stream, RSSB at the Front Line looks at the research that's produced guidance for lone workers. This has defined who is a lone worker and identified some of the potential impacts of lone working. There's guidance on what you can do to maintain your health, wellbeing, and safety if you are a lone worker. And there's corresponding guidance for line managers and HR departments that have lone workers.


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