How we Prioritise our Work

RSSB is continuously having to balance demands on its time and resources, weighing up the importance against the complexity of its delivery so outputs are always maximised to meet the needs of our members and the wider industry.

We question potential activities to test how well they meet the needs of our members, the reputational risk and the implication to rail safety. These are then balance against our technical ability to undertake the work, clarity of scope, and availability of funding. Weighing up these aspects enables us prioritise effectively within the constraints of delivering an affordable service to you.

The weighting we use is biased strongly towards meeting our members’ needs. This is our primary consideration. We also look at the wider industry needs; the importance of joining-up where needs may span gaps between the particular needs of individual members.

RSSB’s unique position and strength mean complexities created by disparate views or objectives brought by multiple stakeholders is the space in which we operate effective and we work across the whole industry to reach consensus and deliver solutions.

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