Harmonised rail…where our industry evolves and improves as one.

We set the standards that bring the many moving parts of Britain’s railway together to work as one system. Our work defines how everything interacts, safely and smoothly, from track to train to platform to power line. As we agree and codify how the railway works today, we lay the basis for it to evolve and improve tomorrow.

We pool our own expertise and experience with thinking from across the industry. So everyone, from manufacturers and suppliers to infrastructure managers and operating companies, has a stake in the standards we broker, and collaborates to put them into action.

By laying down clear standards and helping our members to follow them, we make it easier for them to improve rail, and make it safer. Standards mean everyone on the railway can make decisions to depend on, whether it’s the company approving new rolling stock, or the guard and the driver keeping passengers safe.

By 2024, we will be known as the prime mover behind the standards to integrate modern technologies for a modern and economic railway, like digital signalling, and hydrogen and battery-powered trains. Our work means the industry can plan and invest with clarity and confidence, save time and cost, and come together to keep the railway at the heart of the Britain's economy.