Healthier rail…where health and wellbeing count.

We help the rail industry keep its people healthy and well. The healthier people are, the happier they are, and the better they perform. And that means the railway performs better too. The railway can become an example of how the right kind of working environment contributes to people’s overall health.

Working on the railway can be physically and mentally demanding. So the industry must look out for signs of stress and strain—and act quickly and effectively to manage and prevent them. We help our members do that by being the industry’s leading source of guidance on health and wellbeing. Our expertise covers everything from improving mental health and monitoring fatigue, stress and motivation, to managing diet and researching ways to design out musculoskeletal disorders.

We help our members to see what success looks like, and to track their progress towards it. Members value our insight and advice and build it into their own health and wellbeing policies.

By 2024, we will be known as the driving force behind making the railway a healthy place to work.