Innovative rail…where good ideas become great results.

We give the rail industry a clear view of emerging trends and technologies, to quicken the flow of new ideas for a better, safer, more sustainable railway. With our research, insight and support, we help our members see the value of new technologies and ways of working, and help put them into action. 

We make collaboration possible, so that innovation doesn’t just happen in isolation but makes a bigger impact across the industry. The results range from safer systems and more accessible environments to more comfort for passengers and fewer unnecessary delays.

Our work feeds the standards that put the industry on the right footing to take up new technologies. It sets up the industry to deliver ambitious plans that support rail to cope with challenges, from pandemics and biosafety to climate change and cyber security.

By 2024, we will be a leader in shaping the industry's vision for the future through the Rail Technical Strategy and horizon scanning support.