Safer rail...where risk is under control from track to train to platform.

We’re the independent and expert source of information and analysis that brings the rail industry together to put safety at the core of all it does. We work with our members to pinpoint issues and agree solutions that keep everyone safe and make business sense.

We track safety performance through the risk data we gather from the industry. We share the results and create tools and resources to help our members meet their legal obligations. We also act as the industry’s corporate memory to make sure everyone learns the lessons of past incidents. And we look at how safety risk will affect the railway of the future.

Safety risk rarely has a single cause. The symptom might be an engineering fault, but the root could be in design, workplace culture, or health and wellbeing. To find the answers we turn to our experts across fields from engineering and operations to ergonomics and occupational health.

By 2024, as Britain's independent authority on rail safety risk, we will be the number one source of data and insights, and guidance to manage risk effectively.

Through our work the industry has a common approach to recognising hazards and controlling them. And what we do makes everyone clear about their priorities for keeping the railway safe for passengers, public and staff.