We will use the expertise of our technical disciplines to:

We will base this work on the health and safety data for which we are custodians, as well as operational feedback from incidents, investigations and our collaborative risk groups.

Taking Safe Decisions

Using the 2019 update to Taking Safe Decisions, we will support our members to embed the approach more fully within their businesses. This will help them take better informed decisions to develop health and safety risk management.

We will also develop a Taking Secure Decisions framework to sit alongside it.

Safety Risk Model

Our Safety Risk Model has a well-deserved reputation. We will rebuild the model in CP6 to better meet member needs. This will include route- and operator-based risk estimates. This will give our members the information they need to know when (and when not) to invest in health and safety measures.

Developing competencies

We will help our members further develop their technical and non-technical competencies for safe operations. Key areas for development will be collaboration on safety leadership, non-technical skills, and human factors integration. Our offering will include an update to our Safety Culture Toolkit. This will help our members to develop better informed strategic plans for developing competencies.

Better health and safety management systems

We will provide the functionality, guidance and training that our members need to realise the full potential of the Safety Management Intelligence System (SMIS). We will deliver full SMIS reporting capability and continue to work with our members to help them make sure their data is of the highest quality.

We will develop the system to support investigations and identify underlying causes; and make it easier for companies to upload data from other systems. This will eliminate the costs associated with duplicate reporting.

CP6 plan

To find out more about any of the issued discussed, download our full CP6 Strategic Business Plan, or the extract that just covers our Safer Rail activities, or watch the video below.