Retrofitting In-Cab TPWS

Should you consider retro-fitting an upgraded Train Protection and Warning System (TPWS) to your train fleets? Our safety risk analysis work on retro-fitting TPWS to existing fleets allows you to understand the potential safety benefits, which can be combined with your analysis of costs, so that you can decide whether an upgrade is reasonably practicable.

On behalf of the Train Protection Strategy Group (TPSG), we assessed the risk benefit from retrofitting the new in-cab TPWS equipment across all operators and fleets. Using our Safety Risk Model, our Risk and Safety Intelligence Team created a model that assessed the SPAD risk from TPWS reset and continue events and how this risk would change with the fitting of new in-cab TPWS equipment. This assessment was undertaken on a per operator and per fleet basis creating a bespoke risk profile from the Safety Risk Model using an operator’s SPAD history and fleet data.

Originally completed in 2008, the work was updated in 2011, 2015 and most recently in 2018, using comprehensive and up to date safety risk analysis. Using this analysis, operators now have a robust and consistent starting point from which to undertake their own cost-benefit analysis for retrofitting an upgrade to the in-cab TPWS equipment.

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