Sustainable rail

A centre of excellence for environmental sustainability strategy, policy and practice on behalf of the industry.

At RSSB, our work in the area of Sustainable Rail will act as a centre of excellence for the industry’s sustainability practice. The Rail Sustainable Development Principles explain the key role rail has to play in the economy, environment and wider society. During CP6, we will continue our work to ensure that the principles become an integral part of the industry's culture, policy, and decision-making processes and deliver a sustainable railway.

A key element of our work will enable collaboration and deliver the supporting research and analysis to drive forward and deliver the Carbon and Air Quality Strategies for the industry. Together, these strategies will support industry to meet its legal obligations, manage the barriers and risks involved, and maintain its competitive advantage as a low carbon mode of transport.

We will also undertake research into specific issues as they relate to franchising arrangements such as:

We will support members to make best use of our environmental sustainability guidance and tools such as our Rail Carbon Tool (to understand how to reduce the carbon footprint throughout their supply chain) and our Self-Assessment Framework (to assess performance and strategy against the Rail Sustainable Development Principles and identify ambitions and priorities).

Building on our successful sustainability strategy course with the University of Cambridge we will offer additional bespoke options to support management and leadership capability in this area.

CP6 plan

To find out more about any of the issued discussed, download our full CP6 Strategic Business Plan, or the extract that just covers our Sustainable Rail activities or watch the video below.

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