Supplier qualification enhancements move a step closer
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The procurement process for service providers to RISQS, the UK railway supplier prequalification scheme, has taken a major step forward as RSSB selected bidders to enter detailed negotiations.

RISQS is the railway industry supplier qualification scheme used by Network Rail, London Underground and 116 other buyers with over 4,300 supplier members throughout the GB rail industry.

The procurement process remains on schedule for the contracts to be awarded in June. Two contracts will be awarded, one for IT, verification and management services, and one for audit services. Work will then start to prepare for go live in May 2018.

The evolution of the RISQS scheme from its current status as a concession to a contract, managed by RSSB on behalf of the industry, will deliver enhanced benefits to all members of the scheme. In particular, RSSB will:

  • Provide a new easy to use platform with more functionality
  • Provide better integration with buyer and supplier systems
  • Work with RSG (Rail Supply Group), RDG (Rail Delivery Group) and other key industry bodies to make RISQS a platform to promote UK rail expertise post-Brexit
  • Respond quicker to changes in industry requirements
  • Review pricing to make RISQS fairer, more transparent and provide more value for money.
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