The CLEan Air Research programme (CLEAR)

Overall emissions from rail are low compared to other forms of transport, but can be significant at a local level.

Air quality is a high-profile public health issue, with transport a major contributor to emissions. As road pollution reduces, driven by regulation, policy and technological advances, rail must be proactive to ensure the industry is playing its part in making the air cleaner.

CLEAR has been set up by RSSB, in liaison with the Air Quality Steering Group, to develop a Rail Air Quality Strategy and support government initiatives such as the Clean Air Strategy 2019. Outcomes from the projects being initiated will include:

  • up-to-date, high-resolution mapping of rail emissions (PM10 PM2.5 and NO2)
  • emissions factors based on engine notch, to provide better data for comparisons between rail and other forms of transport
  • accurate data on air quality levels within and outside train depots; and guidance on measures to improve air quality.

There can be few more important tasks than ensuring that the greenest form of mass transit becomes greener still. That’s our ambition in rail as we deliver innovations that support the UK’s net zero carbon target.’

Andrew Haines
Chief Executive, Network Rail

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