Being an Employer of Choice

Respect, encourage and develop a diverse workforce, support its wellbeing and actively consider and address the challenges of the future labour market.

As an industry we recognise that we can only succeed and deliver planned investment with a skilled, talented and motivated workforce. The railway must be a place where able and talented people choose to work.

Attracting, recruiting and retaining the right people is a challenge. New technologies, such those driven by the Digital Railway, mean we need new skills and we are competing with other industries for these and more traditional skills. To succeed we need to expand the industry's image as a modern, high-tech and growing sector, where software engineering is as important as train driving. We need to partner with schools and universities to ensure a pipeline of people with relevant skills. Apprenticeships will be key, as will a greater focus on leadership and management; driven by a cross-industry skills strategy to which all are committed.

The industry is committed to ensuring that it is a fair, safe, diverse and supportive place to work. We need to build the competence to ensure that our staff can address sustainability issues. We also need to support the health and wellbeing of our workforce. Staff engagement is at the heart of this, with proven benefits for productivity. The railway should be a sector in which people are proud to work and feel committed to its success.

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