Covid-19, Lockdown and your Mental Wellbeing

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This podcast includes some tips on how to deal with the stresses that we are all experiencing during the Covid-19 lockdown.

My guest in this issue is Joana Faustino, the work psychologist at RSSB.  She is also the RSSB lead for the With You in Mind mental wellbeing programme for the rail industry.  With all that experience, we talk about the reactions people will have to the the lockdown, confinement, and uncertainty; and some tips on how you can help yourself and others to deal with the feelings that they bring.

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Topics in this episode include:

  • Possible effects of the lockdown on your mental health [1:00]
  • Acknowledging your emotions [3:10]
  • How are news reports affecting you? [4:12]
  • Managing worry [4:55]
  • Managing difficult situations [7:09]
  • Physical and mental health working together [9:30]
  • Keeping a routine [10:40]
  • Getting help from others [12:28]
  • Identifying and solving problems [13:30]
  • Help from outside sources [15:44]
  • How we can help others [16:48]

Resources mentioned in this episode:

You can find links to other related resources for the rail industry and for individuals on this website by searching for 'Covid-19' or 'mental wellbeing'.  These include other resources and articles such as:

  • Local IAPT service: an NHS service that provides talking therapies for common mental health difficulties.
  • The Railway Mission: The Railway Mission have set up a dedicated support mailbox for rail staff during the pandemic at  Rail staff can also phone, text, or WhatsApp on 07903-505868.
  • The Covid-19 Road Transport Toolkit
  • Reporting cases in SMIS
  • Decision-making under pressure
  • The impact on time-limited deviations
  • A staff availability tracking tool for the rail freight sector.

To contact us, or to give us any feedback about this podcast, please email  For enquiries about any of our resources or services please contact our enquiry desk through our customer service portal.

RSSB podcasts cover a range of topics to keep you informed about things that will lead us all toward a better, safer railway.  All our podcasts can be accessed from our RSSB podcast library.




RSSB podcasts cover a range of topics to keep you informed about things that will lead us all toward a better, safer railway. 'All our podcasts can be accessed from our podcast page.

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