Through Great British Railways (GBR) the Williams-Shapps Plan for Rail aims to put customers at the heart of its mission. These are the people who benefit from the railways: the passengers and freight customers that rely on trains for getting from A to B. They will use the services offered by passenger and freight train operators.

Train operators rely on infrastructure managers, such as Network Rail, to provide them with the track and stations to run services. Manufacturers and rolling stock owners build and supply the trains, which the train operators buy or lease from the rolling stock owners. All of this is supported by a huge supply chain of maintainers, plant and component manufacturers and suppliers, assessment bodies, consultants, and specialists.

Each of these players has its own specific safety responsibilities, but they also need to collaborate effectively to ensure a safe railway system is maintained.
Supporting them is a range of other industry bodies and organisations including: RSSB, the Office of Rail and Road (ORR), the Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB), and the Rail Delivery Group (RDG).

Rail Industry Bodies and Organisations