About Harsco Rail

Harsco Rail is a well-established global provider of rail engineering, operations and maintenance services, specifically helping to maintain our railway here in the UK. As a leading manufacturer and supply chain partner of On Track Machines, Harsco Rail further supports the industry through the operation and maintenance of trains and On Track Machines. Providing leading safety solutions, innovative engineering design and optimised train operation and maintenance, Harsco Rail are recognised as leading organisation in the UK, Europe and across the globe. 

What do you get out of RSSB membership?

At Harsco Rail, we’re proud to be RSSB members for the numerous advantages and benefits being a member brings. As a standards led organisation, we contribute and share knowledge back into industry for the benefit of every other member and stakeholder. Harsco Rail’s safety policies and processes are directly linked to the committees and groups we’re represented on through the RSSB making our link to the RSSB essential. We’re also able to use the many resources available, such as for our Trainee Train Driver Training, Research and Development and for operational best practise to incorporate to the Harsco Rail strategic safety plans. 

Your level of involvement with RSSB

Harsco Rail have a strong reputation for contributing to many RSSB groups and meeting, standards committees and Boards. Wherever possible, Harsco Rail will be involved in both Operational Safety and Engineering Standards groups above and beyond senior RSSB groups such as SSRG Editorial Board, TARG, TOM-SC. As part of our continuous development of front line staff, we willingly provide Drivers for consultations and research and development activities. 

Over the past two years, the RSSB customer experience has improved almost beyond recognition. RSSB are now widely regarded as an outward facing organisation that has its interests focussed on improving the benefits of its members through a structured and meaningful process of engagement. Harsco Rail have an excellent link with the RSSB through our Engagement Manager, which has been a real turning point for how our two organisations have worked together. Subsequently, this alone has become an enabler for Harsco Rail in driving and developing our business standards.  

Membership benefits

Harsco Rail see the true benefits of RSSB membership and as a result, we’re happy to make recommendations to industry partners in joining the RSSB. Over the past twelve months, Harsco Rail have introduced three new member organisations including Assesstech and Weedfree.