We enable and encourage cross-industry collaboration and cooperation, conduct independent analysis and research, and give our members an overview of the entire rail system. 

Through standards, independent research, and rigorous analysis we help our members, and other organisations deliver better, safer railways. 

Our resources and services are designed to get you up to speed quickly and help you apply the industry’s collective knowledge to your own situation. So, you don’t duplicate work that’s already been done.

For organisations who need more individual support, we offer services like bespoke consultancy and training, and access to some of the world’s foremost experts on rail safety and standards.

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What type of member should I be?

Full members

  • Network Rail and other infrastructure managers
  • Train operating companies
  • Freight operating companies
  • Rolling stock leasing companies (ROSCOs)
  • Infrastructure contractors
  • Suppliers


  • UK and overseas railway companies and administrations
  • UK and overseas agencies and bodies that support rail
  • Any organisation seeking to formalise a mutually beneficial relationship with RSSB


  • Universities
  • Academic institutions


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Who joins RSSB and why?

The rail industry faces significant challenges now. Growth in passenger and freight traffic tests railways to achieve and maintain higher performance under pressure. More recently, the Covid-19 pandemic has generated new challenges, both in terms of managing the impact of the virus, and longer term economic recovery. In the years ahead there will be bigger commercial and technological challenges to rail, including the need to increase capacity and customer satisfaction, while simultaneously reducing cost and carbon. 

The many different organisations that play a part in the railways are all connected and dependent on one another through legal duties, contracts, procurement, relationships, and operation. 

Working in isolation is not an option. 

By being part of the RSSB world, you are better able to collaborate with others, to help shape solutions to issues of concern and benefit from the positive results and efficiencies. 

This is what makes RSSB so valuable: we embody the common purpose and shared strategic outlook of the British rail sector. More information about the benefits of membership or affiliation are provided in our brochure and dedicated Membership Benefits web page.

How to join

For further information on becoming a member or affiliate, email our Membership Development Manager. You will be assigned a unique enquiry number and a dedicated Engagement Manager who will guide you through each step of the process.