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Safety Management Intelligence System (SMIS)

The Safety Management Intelligence System, also known to many as ‘SMIS’, is the rail industry’s new enterprise safety management software and national database for recording safety-related events that occur on the rail network in Britain.

The first phase was launched on 6 March 2017 and replaces the old SMIS, with a similar name, the Safety Management Information System, which closed down at the end of March 2017, as part of the SMIS+ programme​ to develop next generation safety reporting technology for the rail industry.

How do we get data into the new SMIS?

We manage SMIS on industry’s behalf, supporting the collection, analysis and sharing of information about a wide range of incidents, which are reported by our members, the individual rail companies. The original SMIS began operating in 1997, and organisations such as Network Rail, the train and freight operators enter about 75,000 events into each year.

Incidents reported include fatalities and injuries to people while they are on the rail network, whether they’re a passenger, a member of the public or part of the workforce, as well as events which pose a risk such as signals passed at danger and derailments.

Various legal drivers and industry standards exist to ensure data from SMIS is accessible to all rail companies managing infrastructure or operating trains and that they report data into the system.

The new SMIS exists as a separate web-based service External link. From 15 March users will be able to search and edit data moved across from the old SMIS.

Marshalling the data for the whole railway in one system means that data is consistent and can be shared. Our members can use the information in SMIS to analyse risk, predict trends and focus activities on major areas of safety concern.

SMIS is also a valuable data source for RSSB itself and the cross-industry groups we manage, as the data can inform the development of shared solutions including standards, research, systems and schemes.

We produce regular safety performance reports summarising some of the key data and trends on a monthly, half-yearly and annual basis.

What is SMIS+?

SMIS+ is the name of the programme to build on the first phase of the new SMIS and develop it to truly transform safety reporting services to the rail industry, with new functions and features to make risk management more efficient, and to develop interfaces between SMIS and other industry-bespoke systems.

For further information please contact the SMIS+ Programme team via email at

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