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SMIS+ programme

SMIS+ is our programme to modernise safety reporting capabilities for the rail industry, making it easier for people to collect information, and extract intelligence.

This is a key part of the industry's health and safety strategy, and will make it easier for companies to report and track safety incidents and investigations, and so provide the right risk information in the right format to the right people at the right time.

As a result, we now have the Safety Management Intelligence System.

This is a completely new cloud-based on-line system exploiting commercial off-the-shelf, state of the art, safety management software, which has replaced the old SMIS (Safety Management Information System), and in time will also incorporate the Close Call system, replacing costly and outmoded technology.

This represents a huge change to what's been used in the past, with more intuitive and workflows connecting users so it's easier for them to collaborate to complete tasks, as well as a new risk-based data structure and new business intelligence software, meaning users can create their own reports more easily.

So while the name is similar to the name of the system it replaced, still spelling out 'SMIS', this is a completely new system, denoting a transformation in system capability to the rail industry.

Phase 1 was introduced on 6 March 2017, replacing the old SMIS system so that SMIS users are able to do the same things that they could do in the old system.

Phase 2 will be rolled out later in 2017 and replace the existing Close Call system, delivering the ability to record and track 'close calls', as well as the ability to use mobile devices.

What’s happening now?

Phase 1 has been launched successfully, and a full range of support tools are available.

The focus is now moving to Phase 2 to enhance the system, and incorporate Close Call as well as additional functions to support investigation management.

Read more about SMIS+ technology delivering a new cloud-based, on-line, state of the art, safety management software.

Read about the vision for how SMIS+ will make a difference and find out how SMIS+ is being delivered through cross industry collaboration.

More information

For further information about the programme itself, and regular updates on SMIS+ please contact the SMIS+ Programme team via email at

If you’re a SMIS user and you have any questions about how to use the system please email where a team will be available to ensure that your query is directed to the right place and ensure that you are kept up to date.

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