It can also inform the competence management cycle, as illustrated by the Office of Rail and Road in Railway Safety Publication, Developing and Maintaining Staff Competence (RSP1).

For example, for safety critical operational roles such as a train driver or a signaller, breaking down these roles into tasks and mapping the necessary non-technical skills will inform where the risk lies, and where training needs to be prioritised.  The analysis can be used in the design and implementation of training, focussing on essential areas and minimising irrelevant material.

The toolkit

We have developed the toolkit to help organisations identify how risks associated with tasks can be managed through learning, assessment and competence management activities, while aligning with both learner and business needs.

The tool opens in Microsoft Excel with data to input, review and amend. Instructions on how to use and customise the tool are contained within a user guide.

The toolkit can be used for any given role, such as train driver, guard, station manager, maintainer and fitter. 

Accessing the tool

The toolkit and user guide are available as a download to RSSB members and affiliates only.

There are two versions of the toolkit, one which can be used to identify the training needs of train drivers, and a blank version that can be used for all other roles.

Please contact us via the customer self-service portal to request access to the the tool.


RSSB can provide training in how the RBTNA is used and will take users through each stage of the toolkit using examples and interactive exercises.

RSSB Training can also deliver bespoke workshops to review and work through existing RBTNAs, and support training and management teams with alignment to job roles.

Please email for more information.

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