Course overview

Our Risk-Based Training Needs Analysis (RBTNA) toolkit helps organisations identify knowledge, technical and non-technical skills for job roles and determine the training, assessment and competence management activities that can be developed to reduce risks associated with job tasks.

The toolkit is designed to help organisations:

  • Develop an evidence base to inform and improve training, assessment, and competence management activities.
  • Ensure that professionals who design training and assessment have all the relevant data they need.
  • Integrate non-technical skill into training, assessments, and competence management activities.

There are two versions of the toolkit which are available only to RSSB members and affiliates. One is specific to the identification of training needs for train drivers. The other is a generic version that can be used for all other roles such as a guard, station manager, maintainer or fitter.

This course is delivered remotely in short modules or as a one-day face-to-face training.