Course overview

We have developed a Risk-Based Training Needs Analysis (RBTNA) toolkit to help organisations identify knowledge, technical and non-technical skills for job roles and determine the training, assessment and competence management activities that can be developed to reduce risks associated with job tasks.

Specifically, the toolkit is designed to help organisations:

  • Develop an evidence base to inform and improve training, assessment, and competence management activities.
  • Ensure that professionals who design training and assessment have all the relevant data they need.
  • Integrate non-technical skill into training, assessments, and competence management activities.

There are two versions of the toolkit, and these are available only to RSSB members and affiliates. One is specific to the identification of training needs for train drivers, the other is a generic version that can be used for all other roles such as a guard, station manager, maintainer, and fitter.

The RBTNA training goes through each stage of the toolkit using examples and interactive exercises. Our trainers can also deliver bespoke workshops to review and work through your existing RBTNA, and support training and management teams with alignment to job roles.

This course is delivered remotely in short modules or as a one-day face-to-face training.

Who should attend?

Individuals and teams who play a role in designing and delivering training and competence management activities. For example, training and development teams, operations standards teams, assessors, team leaders and managers.

Bespoke courses

We recognise that every organisation is different, So we work directly with organisations to deliver this as a bespoke course. Each course is tailored to the delegate group and business requirements. The course is delivered in a modular format to allow time between modules to apply the learning and reflect with colleagues and trainers.

If you would like RSSB to deliver this as a bespoke training course, remotely or at a location of your choice, please email, and we will contact you to discuss your exact requirements and how we could tailor the course to your target audience.

Terms and Conditions 

Trainers’ profile

Paul Leach, Principal Human Factors Specialist and Occupational Psychologist

Paul has a BSc in Psychology and a Masters in Occupational Psychology. Since 2008, Paul has developed and delivered training across many aspects of human factors, including leadership, safety culture, competence and psychometric assessment, incident investigation, and non-technical skills.


‘The work we’ve done so far on our RBTNA has been enlightening and enabled us to consider alternative options for training and assessing our people going forward.’

Commercial Training Manager, Transport for Wales Rail Services

‘The bite-size approach was invaluable. By focussing on one section at a time, the training effectively had built-in check points and give me assurance that I fully understood each section before moving on to the next one. I cannot thank RSSB enough for using this approach for what is quite a complicated subject.’

Senior Conduct Manager, Transport for Wales Rail Services

Key information

Contact for enquiries: 020 3142 5418 or

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