Until now, there has been no industry-wide mechanism for collecting underlying accident cause data. So, it has not been possible to generate safety trends without asking for accident reports from individual duty holders. These then have to be read, summarised, and the cause of each accident classified in turn.


Work has recently been done to introduce a new Causes reporting form. This will allow accident causes to be entered and classified in SMIS.  


The anticipated benefits of this functionality are that it will:

  • enable the identification of safety trends in accidents and help the prioritisation of safety decisions
  • provide a common language for industry on the topic of accident causes
  • encourage investigators to consider the role of system failures (10 Incident factors) as well as human failures (human performance factors) in accidents
  • support the identification of effective recommendations.

The functionality is available to SMIS users by request through the industry system service desk or direct to anita.weltz@rssb.co.uk. On receiving the request for the Causes reporting form, RSSB will arrange to brief you on the functionality and provide supporting guidance. Once you have started entering accident cause data, RSSB will provide feedback on your classifications to ensure good data quality levels.